Apple recently released the iOS 15.0.1 and now the company has stopped signing code for iOS 15 that was launched for the public on September 20.

This means Apple iPhone users can no longer downgrade to lower build of iOS. For instance, you have an iPhone with iOS 15.0.1 update, then you can’t downgrade to iOS 15.0.

This is not a good innovation, at times we tend to upgrade to new software updates but things may not work as we expected. So once we discovered some issues with the software you just upgraded to, then you will want to downgrade to an older version and keep using your device without getting a new one.

Apple stopping iPhone users from downgrading has its reasons but I don’t think it will be the user’s choice.

The iOS 15.0.1 was released last week, the new software update was to fix some bugs in the iPhone 13.

And to be sincere, the update includes many fixes for most bugs in iPhone 13. The update included bug fixes where some iPhone users were unable to use unlock with the Apple Watch feature. It also fixes many bugs for iPhone 13 users may be experiencing.

Apple company did not support or recommend iPhone users to downgrade to an older version of the iOS version.

Despite that Apple did not recommend iPhone users to downgrade, it’s what we needed at sometimes if the new iOS build includes some bugs then we will just downgrade to an older iOS version.

If you have experienced issues with iOS 15.0.1, then you have to wait until a future update rather than downgrading to iOS 15.0