How to Buy Phone on Easybuy: Buy Now And Pay Later

Buying a good smartphone of your dream could be problem if you don’t have the money to purchase that phone you want. Easybuy is a platform that let you buy a phone and pay later in installments, though, there are pros and cons you’ll know about Easybuy later in this guide.

If you can’t afford to make full payment for your dream smartphone at once, then Easybuy service can help you to buy it without breaking the bank.

What is Easybuy?

Easybuy is a mobile financing platform that let you buy a smartphone and pay in installments. Easybuy has been known for loaning a mobile phone to people and pay later.

This is good way for people to get a better smartphone and pay later.

In this guide today, I’ll share with you how to buy smartphone from Easybuy and Pay later. And I’ll state some things to know before you visit an Easybuy agent.

Easybuy Credit/Loan: How It Works

Easybuy has brought smiles to users from 2019 and it keeps doing same things to people by making them buy their dream phone.

You may not have the money to buy your dream phone, but Easybuy Credit can let you buy your dream phone with 30% upfront payment then you pay later in installments.

You can get that Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo phone from Easybuy and pay in installments from 3 – 6 months.

Easybuy will loan any smartphone available in their stores to you if you want to pay in installments. Of course, it is compulsory to pay the initial payment before you are accepted into their pay-back-later service.

Requirements to Get loan from Easybuy

This is not for everyone, you should have all these requirements before you try to visit any Easybuy agent.

You are required to have a valid ID (International passport, driver’s license, voter’s card, or national ID card)
A valid bank verification number (BVN) is necessary if you want to get approved.
You must have an ATM card that has SMS-alert enabled to receive the code that’ll be send to you to verify.
Applicant must be a salary earner to ensure that you’ll pay back on time.
The 30% upfront payment is compulsory.

How to Buy Smartphone on Credit With Easybuy

Locate an Easybuy Agent

Easybuy agent will be the one to register you for the pay-back-later service. You should find them around at different shops, find the nearest shop where mobile phones and other devices are sold.  Some mobile phones seller have the option to offer you Easybuy service. A perfect example is X-right, you can visit X-right shops in anywhere in Nigeria and opt-in for their pay-back-later service which is from Easybuy. X-right has partnered with Easybuy to offer the pay-back-later service.

If you can’t find them, you should ask around to get help or locate them through the contact info we’ll drop later in this article.

Pick the phone you want to buy on credit

When you locate the Easybuy agent or any other store like X-right that offers the service from Easybuy, then you pick the phone you want to buy now and pay later.

Register with the Easybuy agent

When you get the phone you want, then the agent will register you to the system. The only downside is that your application may not get approved. You need to have all the necessary details to be eligible for a loan on Easybuy platform.

You’ll need a valid ID, BVN, and others information to be eligible.

You are required to provide details like name, phone number, BVN, valid ID, salary information, company name, debit card information (This is to enable auto-debit when monthly paybacks are due).

At this stage, you will have to pay the deposit amount and select the loan tenure you want. The initial deposit is about 30% of the phone you picked, and the loan tenures on Easybuy are either 3 months or 6 months.

And also you will have to provide four (4) people’s phone numbers, Easybuy needs confirmation through phone call, the people needs to assure them you’re really who you say you are.

Login to Easybuy mobile app

You can find the app in play store, you can view how much is left to be paid. Most importantly, the app is an easy way to payback without going to the Easybuy agent again or the phone store.

You can pay back from the app with your bank account, debit card, or even a friend/family debit card. The app makes it more easy to pay any time and any day.

What they won’t tell you?

Actually, I think I need to let you know this before you walk into any Easybuy store to get a phone on credit. When you finally get the phone, don’t think you’re the owner yet, you’ll become the owner when you finally payback the loan.

The Easybuy agent will download the Easybuy mobile app for you and login your account, that’s good.

When you login the Easybuy app on the phone you get from them (Easybuy), the Easybuy app will activate a plugin on your phone.

What is this plugin all about?

Actually, it’s a plugin to control your phone (and sometimes for notifying you) when your payment is due, and lastly your phone get blocked after a certain time when you don’t pay back.

This plugin shows your details like location to the Easybuy company, they can control your phone during the loan tenures.

And also, some actions won’t be allowed on the phone during the loan tenures. You won’t be able to factory reset your phone, and you can’t deactivate the plugin on your phone.

And if you don’t pay on time, your phone get blocked, you will get notified first before it get blocked.

You can make calls, but you’re not allowed to use all apps except bank apps for repayment. You won’t be able to use your precious WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and others.

The only apps you can use when your phone get blocked are bank apps such as Opay and the others.

The won’t tell you all that, it is good you know before you use the Easybuy service. The plugin is good for Easybuy company to protect themselves from fraudulent individuals, but it’s good to know what you’re going into.

Easybuy contact details?

Call: +2347032948457
EasyBuy Facebook:


I think this should help you, you should reach out to Easybuy and visit their head office or supported stores to get the best and accurate information and their service. The Easybuy regulations could change any time, reaching out to their agent will be the best option.

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