How to Enable or Disable Safe Mode on Tecno Camon Android Phone

Safe Mode is a feature on the Android Operating System used to take care of issues with configuration or app incompatibilities. Restarting the device in this mode will stack just the System’s core applications. That’s the definition of Safe Mode on Android phones.

I found out that some Tecno Camon users have issues on how to enable or disable Safe Mode on their phone.

I recently uploaded a new YouTube video and the video was re-uploaded on TikTok as well. You can skip reading this blog post by watching our step-by-step tutorial video or you should continue reading if you don’t want to watch the video.

How to Enable or Disable Safe Mode on Tecno Camon Android Phone

  1. Press and Hold the Power button
  2. Then tap and hold on the HiOS icon at the top until the Reboot Safe Mode pop-up message display
  3. Tap Ok on the Reboot Safe Mode pop-up message to enable Safe Mode on your Tecno Camon device.
  4. Wait for your phone to reboot, and when the reboot is completed you’ll enter Safe Mode and you’ll see something like the screenshot below:
Tecno Camon Safe Mode enabled

You can watch the YouTube video version of this blog post, it shows how to do everything step-by-step.

You can start using your Tecno Camon Device without thirty party apps influencing your activities. You can disable the Safe Mode as well to have all the installed apps back.

You have to tap on the phone power button and restart your phone to disable the Safe Mode.

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  1. Carla Moore says:

    I don’t want this safe mode on my phone, how do I get it off for good?

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