Samsung Galaxy: Increase Touch Sensitivity When Using Screen Protectors (One UI)


Are you using a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet? You may be experiencing a little or excessive lack of responsiveness in the touchscreen since you applied the screen protector.

This can happen to any phone from any manufacturer. Of course, using a screen protector can reduce the touchscreen sensitivity of the phone, and then you notice some lack of responsiveness due to the use of the screen protector which reduces the sensitivity.

Due to the complaints of many people, or to make the One UI more user-friendly, Samsung‘s One UI latest version has a display setting called Touch Sensitivity.

This setting works by ensuring that the phone works without any lack of responsiveness despite having the protector applied on the screen.

How to enable touch sensitivity in One UI for Galaxy phones and tablets?

To enable this setting, open the settings app on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tab:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Display.
  2. Scroll down and turn ON the “Touch sensitivity” toggle.

This can really help you when you have a screen protector applied on your Galaxy phone or tablet. It helps boost the phone’s responsiveness when screen protector is applied on it or when the user is wearing gloves.

If you’re Galaxy user who wears gloves most of the time at your workplace then you can find this useful and also when you applied a screen protector on the phone.


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