What Is Mtn Pulse Point and How to Use It

What Is Mtn Pulse Point and How to Use It

MTN Pulse Point reward you when you purchase data bundle on MTN Pulse tariff plan. The pulse point is used to reward every activities you do purchasing airtime or data and this can be used to purchase a time without using your airtime balance.

When you are on MTN Pulse tariff plan, you will be rewarded when you buy any data plan from MTN, this reward is called “MTN Pulse point”. The Pulse point can be used to purchase all MTN data bundle including Nightlife plan.

This is for everyone and it is a means of appreciation for every activities you performed buying data from MTN. The pulse point can be used to purchase data even when you do not have airtime. So if you do not have airtime, and you have MTN Pulse Points, then you can buy data with it.

It’s interesting especially when you don’t have airtime and you need to buy data, you can just take your phone check your MTN Pulse Point balance and use it to purchase data.

I have been using this for months, it’s good and MTN is the only one network provider doing this for customers.

It’s for both new and existing customers, pulse point is a means of rewarding active users buying data most of the time.

What’s MTN Pulse Point?

MTN Pulse customers get rewarded when they buy data or share data through MTN Share. The reward is a point, which can be used again to purchase data when you run out of airtime or not.

The MTN Pulse Point is only for customers on Pulse tariff plan. You can also migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan to benefit from the pulse point.

Below is the meaning of MTN Pulse and how to migrate to the tariff plan:

MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that allows you to enjoy a FLAT rate of 11.26k/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks in Nigeria after the first 60 seconds call of the day at 25.6k/sec. With MTN Pulse, “You Talk more, Laugh more and Love more”. To Join MTN Pulse text 406 to 131, Dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

About MTN Pulse tariff plan

How to Check and Redeem Your MTN Pulse Point?

  • Check your MTN Pulse Point Balance by dialing *406*7*1#.
  • You shouldsee the balance of your MTN Pulse Point

To redeem your MTN Pulse Point:

  • Redeem your MTN Pulse Point by dialing *406*7*2#
  • You can then use it or purchase the social media data bundle or Nightlife data plan.

Another method to redeem the MTN Pulse Point:

  • Dial *131*1# then select from the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly plan you want to subscribe for.
  • Then pick any data plan you want and then follow the prompt.
  • Select “Points” when you see option like the one in the screenshot below.
What Is Mtn Pulse Point and How to Use It
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Note: Your Pulse Points will expire after a year and it can’t be shared or used to purchase data for a third party.

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