Opera recently unveiled its new Crypto Browser Project, the beta versions of the new browser is available for Mac, PC and Android.

Opera announced pertnerships with Polygon and others, giving you access to your crypto without the need of any extensions.

The crypto browser already available in Google play store, the iOS app is not available for now.

The app is dedicated or created for crypto and NFT changes. You can keep your crypto asset with easy and access to decentralized apps (dApps) and more.

Opera Launches a new browser dedicated for crypto Using Web3
Image credit: Opera Blog

The crypto browser has a built-in non-custodial wallet that will support blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celo and more.

With lots of features included in the Web3, users can access things like GameFi “where you can earn as you play your way through all sorts of metaverses,” Opera notes.

It even has a secure clipboard that ensures other apps can’t view or edit your data when you copy/paste.