Telegram has been working on the premium version with amazing features. Telegram is known for having features that it competitors doesn’t, to take things to another level, Telegram launched it premium version to double features you already have on Telegram and those one that isn’t available in the free version.

What is the premium version of Telegram going to look like?

Telegram Premium

I was curious that what is Telegram planning on, however, you’re unstoppable on Telegram and premium users will enjoy the best Telegram has to offer.

What is Telegram Premium?

Telegram is known to be a free instant messaging app like it competitors WhatsApp, due to the vast number of features on Telegram, it’s introducing a new version for premium users.

The premium users will be counted as users that help support Telegram and their account will have a badge next to their name to easily recognize a premium Telegram users from free users.

Features of Telegram Premium?

  1. 4GB uploads: You can now break the limit of 2GB maximum uploads on Telegram free version with the premium. Premium users can upload files of 4GB size.
  2. Double Limits: Premium users can subscribe to 1,000 channels on Telegram, create up to 20 chat folders and 200 chats each. Premium users can also pin 10 chats in the main list and pin 10 favourite stickers, and as well add fourth account to any Telegram app.
  3. Voice to Text: Premium users will be able to convert voice messages to text messages, and you can rate the transcriptions to help improve them.
  4. Unique Stickers & Reactions: Telegram Premium users will have more and unique stickers than the free users. The stickers will be updated monthly by Telegram. Premium users will have more ways to react to messages.
  5. Animated Profile Pictures: Premium users can set animated profile picture for everyone across the app, even free users will see it.
  6. Profile Badge: Telegram also said that all premium users will get a special badge that will appear next to their names in the chat list, chat headers, and member lists in groups – showing that they help support Telegram and are part of the club that receives exclusive features first.
  7. App icons: Telegram Premium will also include new app icons that will be available to premium users to add to their Home Screens to match their personality or wallpaper.

Let stop there, Telegram Premium is just amazing and enticing for users who wants to exploit more.

What is the cost of Telegram Premium?

No precise cost of the Telegram Premium, it depends because it’s $3 for some country and $4 for another.

Telegram Premium is affordable and considering the features you’ll get, it worth the amount if only you need to subscribe to the premium version.